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Welcome to ASM's Toy Fair 2011 Coverage, making this our TWELFTH YEAR of providing pictures to you!

To the right, you'll see our E-mail address. Use it to contact us with any questions you have. Also, if we know we'll be seeing a certain company, we'll list it with an approximate time of when we expect to have coverage up. Plus, who knows what we'll find as we walk around the show?

And, of course, this main section is our running blog. As we update galleries, you'll see the day and time of each update listed below, so you'll always know how fresh our news is. You can also follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to its RSS feed.

All photos were taken by Daniel Lipkowtz, Amy Lipkowitz and Matthew Greenbaum unless otherwise stated. Press kit images were provided by their respective companies or representatives for said companies.

2/16/11 - 8:57pm That's it, folks! I'd like to remind you that ASM doesn't just update at Toy Fair. We have The Geekly Rewind, our blog that will include reviews, commentary, and fun. Check it out at!

Thanks to everyone who came to these pages -- you guys are the reason I and the rest of the ASM staff do this. Please keep visiting the Geekly Rewind, follow us on Twitter (look to the right), and we'll have some big news soon!

2/16/11 - 8:52pm Is it the end, already? Are we really done with Toy Fair? Aw.... *sniff* Then let's go out big, shall we? Seven final galleries for you. We have Bluefin Distribution, EMCE Toys, Global Holdings, McFarlane Toys, PBM Express, Square Enix and Toy Tokyo/Heroes in Action!

2/16/11 - 8:20pm Hi, folks! Feeling a bit better, so I want to give you the final galleries. Two batches are going up tonight. We have Kidrobot, Kotobukiya, Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, Tonner, Triad Toys and Vamplets! Our final galleries will be up soon!

2/15/11 - 1:05am Our final day at Toy Fair gave us a bounty of pictures! We've got five galleries up for you now, and we'll have more tomorrow (we need to sleep.)

We have pictures from Basic Fun, DC Direct, Diamond Select Toys, Funko and NECA to show you. Click for the images!

2/14/11 - 5:55pm ASM Contributor Matthew Karpowich got us a few more extra shots of the Hasbro Show Room. Of note are Rescue Heroes, and Ultimate Optimus Prime.

2/14/11 - 2:55pm Howdy, folks! Got a press-kit from Spin Master to show you. Click for the images!

2/14/11 - 1:16am That's it for tonight, folks! We've got one more day of coverage. Until then, good night and Happy Valentine's Day!

2/14/11 - 1:15am Our Mattel coverage concludes with six new galleries! We have Imaginext, Justice League Unlimited, Kung Fu Panda and the Penguins of Madagascar Toy Story, WWE, and Young Justice! -- Mattel Main Gallery

2/14/11 - 12:50am Our Mattel coverage continues with some Girls Toys lines! First up we have Barbie, Disney Princess and Monster High! -- Mattel Main Gallery

2/14/11 - 12:40am Our Mattel coverage starts now! First up we have Cars 2, DC Retro Action, DC Universe, Ghostbusters and Masters of the Universe Classics!

2/14/11 - 12:26am Next up are Tonyami, Unimax and press kit images from Jakks Pacific!

2/14/11 - 12:10am Our Spin Master Galleries are online! Bakugan, Liv and Zoobles -- Spin Master Main Gallery!

2/13/11 - 11:40pm The rest of our Hasbro Galleries are online! More GI Joe, more Star Wars, more Marvel, and FOUR galleries of Transformers -- Hasbro Main Gallery!

2/13/11 - 11:21pm Three companies this update! Mezco Toyz, Mimobot, and Shocker Toys!

2/13/11 - 11:00pm Our next company is Jakks Pacific! Check out Pirates of the Caribbean, Pokemon, Smurfs Movie, Tinkerbell and UFC and Wrestling! -- Main Gallery!

2/13/11 - 11:00pm Our next company is Bif Bang Pow!! Check out the Full Gallery!

2/13/11 - 10:51pm Our Bandai coverage is now up! Check out Ben 10, Harumika, Power Rangers, Tatumi and, oh yeah, this littlie thing called THUNDERCATS! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! -- Bandai Main Gallery

2/13/11 - 10:31pm Five more galleries finish up our coverage of LEGO! Check out LEGO Licensing, Racers, Spongebob Squarepants, Star Wars and Technic! -- LEGO Main Gallery

2/13/11 - 10:10pm Four more LEGO galleries for your perusal! Check out Duplo Winnie the Pooh, Ninjago, Pharoah's Quest and Pirates of the Caribbean! -- LEGO Main Gallery

2/13/11 - 09:29pm Four more LEGO galleries for your perusal! Check out Harry Potter, Hero Factory, Kingdoms and Minifigures! -- LEGO Main Gallery

2/13/11 - 08:59pm Four more LEGO galleries for your perusal! Check out City, Creator, Duplo and LEGO Games and Heroica! -- LEGO Main Gallery

2/13/11 - 08:10pm Day two of Toy Fair starts with LEGO! Our first four galleries for LEGO are up -- Alien Conquest, Atlantis, Bricks and More and Cars! -- LEGO Main Gallery

2/12/11 - 10:50pm Our next HASBRO galleries are up, featuring the slides of the presentations for GI Joe and Star Wars!

2/12/11 - 09:58pm Our next HASBRO showroom image galleries are up! Check out Littlest Pet Shop, Strawberry Shortcake, Star Wars, and Miscellaneous! Hasbro Main Gallery -- Also check out the Hasbro Press Kit Images!

2/12/11 - 09:01pm Our next HASBRO showroom image galleries are up! Check out Captain America and My Little Pony! Hasbro Main Gallery

2/12/11 - 08:50pm Our first HASBRO showroom image galleries are up! Check out GI Joe, Iron Man, Marvel Universe, Playskool Heroes and Thor! Press Kit Images and other galleries coming! Hasbro Main Gallery

2/12/11 - 06:13pm Waiting for pictures to get back to us, but in the mean time, check out these Tidbits about Transformers!

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